Vine Maple

Vine Maple - Acer- cirinatum - the gnarled and crooked appearance of the Vine Maple tree probably lends itself to the word 'vine' in its common name 'acer' is the Latin word for a maple tree.  Vine Maples appear as a small tree or shrub and can grow into a dense thicket.

Vine Maple are crooked, short trunk that can sometimes grow almost horizontally and may root where it touches the ground and have twisted, spreading limbs. The crown is low and irregularly shaped. Vine Maple likes wet sites, along river and stream banks. They grows up to 20 metres in height.  The bark is thin, smooth, may have shallow cracks at the base of the tree when older greenish when young, turning reddish-brown or gray with age. The flowers small, reddish or purple, often just one fruit will appear on each.  The  leafs have 7 to 9 lobes that are almost circular, 6 to 11 cm in diameter and toothed. When mature bright yellowish green on top with a pale green and downy underside When young reddish and hairy  and turn red and gold in the fall