Western Serviceberry

Western Serviceberry-Amelanchier alnifolia  is a species of Amelanchier native to North America in Alaska, across most of Canada from Yukon south and eastward to British Columbia and western Quebec, and in the western and north central United States south to northern California, Utah and northern Iowa. It grows from sea level in the north of the range, up to 2,600 m altitude in California and 3,400 m in the Rocky Mountains.

It is a deciduous shrub or small tree that can grow to 1–8 m (rarely to 10 m) in height. Its growth form spans from suckering and forming colonies to clumped. The leaves are oval to nearly circular, 2-5 cm long and 1–4.5 cm broad, with margins dentate mostly above the middle and a 0.5–2 cm petiole. The flowers are white, about 2-3 cm across; they appear on racemes of 3–20 together in early spring while the new leaves are still expanding. The fruit is a small purple pome 5-15 mm diameter, ripening in early summer