Mountain Ash ( Sitka)

Mountain Ash - Serbs sitchensis, is a small shrub of the western United States.
A multistemed shrub, it is indigenous to the Pacific Coast of the North America .
  • Winter buds: Not sticky with rusty hairs.
  • Leaves: Alternate, compound, six to ten inches long, Leaflets seven to ten, blue-green, lanceolate or long oval, with rounded tip, toothed usually from the middle to the end. In autumn they turn yellow, orange and red. Stipules leaf-like, caducous.
  • Flowers: After the leaves are full grown. White, small, 80 or fewer, borne in flat compound cymes three or four inches across.
  • Fruit: Berry-like pome, globular, one-quarter of an inch across, bright red, borne in cymous