Elk Sedge

Elk Sedge-Carex garberi
Elk sedge is native upland sedge that grows 6 to12 inches (15-50 cm) tall.  Elk sedge grows from branched underground rhizomes and produces an extensive network of fine roots A single elk sedge plant may have a root system 4.5 feet (1.4 m) wide and 6 feet (1.8 m) deep Elk sedge rhizomes grow at a depth of  0.6 to 2 inches (1.5 to 5 cm) [ Leaves and stems grow in bunch form or are more loosely clustered. Leaves grow 2 or 3 to a culm and are 0.04 - 0.14 inch (1-3.5 mm) wide, flat or nearly so, leathery, and evergreen]. 

Elk sedge is easily recognized by its few-flowered, solitary spikes. The spike has a slender staminate part bearing male flowers above the 1-3 pistillate (female) flowers, which are distinctly separate and bear scales with a short awn at the tip. Each spike bears 1-3 perigynia in which large seeds are tightly encased].