Rosy Twistedstalk

Rosy Twistedstalk-Steptopus rosus
The stems of rosy twisted stalk are usually single and unbranched, rising 15-30 cm high from underground rhizomes. The leaves alternate along the stems and are oval to elliptical in shape with parallel venation. They measure from 5-9 cm long and 2-4.5 cm wide and do not clasp the stem (as those of clasping-leaf twisted stalk do) at their base.

The flowers are suspended below the stems on straight, thin pedicels from 9-20 mm long. The flowers are rose or reddish in color, tipped with white or greenish-yellow. The tepals are narrowly oblong-lanceolate in shape, spreading only slightly at the tips. The 6 stamens are several millimeters shorter than the tepals. The fruit is a bulbous , oblong red berry 5-6 mm long.