Heartleaf Arnica

Heartleaf Arnica- Arnica corifolia is deciduous perennial arising to a height of 10-60 cm from naked rhizomes. The stems are solitary, or occasionally several loosely clustered together. The stems are covered with minute glandular hairs, or loosely with white hairs (see photos). The 2-3 pairs of opposite, heart-shaped stem leaves. range from 4-12 cm long and 3-9 cm wide. The leaf margins are usually coarsely toothed, but may also be entire.

The flowers are found at the tips of the stems and are usually solitary, although it is possible that several could be clustered together. The flower heads have a yellow central disk surrounded by 10-15 yellow ray flowers. The tips of these ray flowers are pointed. Individual rays are 1.5-3 cm long. The involucre is 13-20 mm tall and sparsely to thickly covered with long white, spreading hairs.