Pevine-Lathyrus ssp.
Peavine is a fairly attractive perennial wildflower with several stems arising from rhizomes and erect or clambering through foliage to lengths of 15-80 cm. The stems are angled but not winged and the stem and leaves are sparsely to fairly densely covered with soft hairs, especially on the calyces and undersides of the leaves. The leaves alternate along the stems and are pinnately compound. Individual leaves have 8-14 leaflets that are either paired or scattered. The leaflets are linear, ovate-lanceolate or lanceolate-elliptic in outline and measure from 2-12 cm long and 2-30 mm wide. The tendrils range from reduced and bristle-like to fairly well developed (in variety pilosellus) and are found at the tips of the leaves. The stipules are generally less than half as long as the leaflets and linear-lanceolate to lanceolate in outline and 2-lobed.