Broadleaf Lupine

Broadleaf Lupine-Lupinus latifolius
Broad-leaf lupine is an attractive perennial with erect stems up to 1 meter in height, varying with variety from sparsely haired to heavily haired. The stems typically have 6-8 leaves with the lower leaves having petioles 2-3 times longer than the blade. The lower leaves tend to persist through flowering time. The petioles of the upper leaves range from 1-2 times longer than the blades. The 7-9 leaflets are elliptic to obovate in shape and each ranges from 3-6 cm long and 10-20 mm wide. The upper leaf surface tends to be less haired than the lower surface.

The inflorescence consists of several showy racemes from 10-20 cm long. The thin flower pedicels range from 4-9 mm long. The flowers range from light blue to bluish or lavender, or may be marked with bright violet. The flowers range from 12-15 mm long. The back of the banner lacks hairs and is distinctly well reflexed backwards from the wings and keel (Index = 15-30.) The wings lack hairs and completely cover the curved keel. The calyx is silky to shaggy-haired and lacks a spur or sac. The upper calyx lip is shallowly double-toothed. The seed pods range from 2-3 cm long and average 8 mm wide.