Sweetroot Sweet-cicely

Sweetroot Sweet-cicely-Osmorhiza chilensis
Sweetroot Sweet0cicely is a wispy, very delicate plant easily over-looked even though they are common.  They grow singly, as in this picture, or in large colonies lining trails. Tiny white flowers are grouped in equally tiny sprays.  These give way to long, cylindrical seed pods. Stems , leaves, seeds, and especially roots of Sweet Cicely often have a pleasant anise flavor and aroma, thus its Greek genus name: "osmo" for "smell" and "rhiza" for "root".  "Chilensis" is for the country of Chile where the plant was first collected in the late 1820s.  "Depauperata", "diminutive", perhaps refers to Sweet Cicely’s very delicate, fragile form and tiny flowers.